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Join hosts Katelyn and Mathew on a wild ride through Wiki-space! Each week they play the Wikipedia game with a new topic as their target, discussing what they find along the way.

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    Hey, it's been a while... since we last uploaded and since we recorded this one. Well, here it is — it might not be the Noam Chomsky of podcasts, but there's some good talk about George Foreman grills and the different shapes that orifices come in. Won't you join us?

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    CYGTT Presents: "A Night With The Stars"

    It's Hollywood's biggest night, baby. Question is, will ANYONE take the time tonight to recognize THE STARS? The men and women of the movies hardly ever get recognized for their contributions to culture. Well, tonight, we're giving them the respect they deserve.

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    Cosmic Latte

    Sorry we took the week of Valentine's Day off, but trust us — you're gonna fall in love with this episode. From our super-secret special guest to a totally productive conversation about lightsabers and Steve Jobs, this one has got it all!

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    Neil Cicierega

    Welcome to a new world full of fresh vile shit, protests against said shit, and mash-up albums. A world that definitely doesn't have as many wizrock bands as Wikipedia claims. A world... of whiskeycasts.

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    If you don't care about the game Half-Life and get weary of Mat's stories, you might not dig this episode. If you know what a resonance cascade is and want to hear about Gabe Newell's knives, you're in luck. If you like Basshunter, you've got a friend in Katelyn.

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    Emu War

    Is this the last episode of 2016 or the first of 2017... eh, who cares? Julie gave us this great topic, we're giving you our all (or at least Katelyn's highly-observant all), and we're genuinely so, so glad you've stuck with us. See you in the new year.

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    Death Stranding

    We're talking about our new favorite video game sweet boys and daddies this week. Come along and learn a little something about Hideo Kojima, the FIFA organization, and oh, yes, the mysterious "product" Katelyn's dad tried to buy from Malta.

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    Ayn Rand

    Special guest Adam Fisher (@gains_tweets on Twitter) joins us to talk about why teens fall under objectivism's spell, hot (and not) philosophers, and political origin stories. Plus: getting down with the sickness when the boys return to town.

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    Sixty-nine (disambiguation)

    Our most nice episode yet. Join us on the wiki-road as we discuss big showers, big skies, radioactive countertops, tunnels through the Earth's core, Junji Ito, and whether you should pick a fight with your Gen-X idols on Twitter.

    It's a beautiful day.

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    Jones Fracture

    What's worse than breaking a bone in your foot?

    A: The Golden State Warriors B: Putting out a self-titled album after your band's first release C: Naming a song "Jesus Stole My Girlfriend" D: Soundgarden

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    Mario Kart 64

    We're back and we're playing to Mario Kart! What's gonna pop out of this question mark block? Oh, it's discussions regarding Wikileaks, domming via phone destruction, and embarrassing nerd furniture.

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    The almost-missing episode. Audio problems plague this one, which is a real shame since it's such a banger. From Louis Sachar's child-friendly drug allegories to dissecting Genius annotations, it's important that we keep this one in the CYGTT canon. Get Twizted with us.

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    In honor of Star Trek's 50th anniversary, we abandon Wiki-space and chart the undiscovered country that is Memory Alpha. We boldly go with our guest, John Mills, in search of little furry creatures that may or may not be edible.

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    Cat Anatomy

    Johannes (@jmyrharkins) hooks us up with a topic. Then we talk about Tiny Zoos and Halo novelizations. Do we get to cat anatomy? Do we waste time discussing whether or not Mad Max is sci-fi? There's only one way to find out... (it's listening, listening is the way).

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    It's @JadeEggg with the suggestion this week that sends your hosts off in search of (1) tickets to the movie that will definitely justify Miles Teller's fame (2) a David Beckham to punch (3) and bootleg Adidas gear. Plus—still more evidence of a sad, desperate conspiracy amongst frisbee people to infect Wikipedia with their propaganda.

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    Dyatlov Pass Incident

    On what might as well be an episode of CYGTT: Nights (now 90% spookier), Mat and Katelyn take on Big Podcast and tackle this mysterious topic from Miles Fowler (@planeswalkerxvx). Katelyn shares her new idea on how to settle draws in soccer. Mat reminisces on his time in Model UN. Marc Maron shares his thoughts on dying under suspicious, perhaps yeti-related circumstances on a Russian mountain.

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    The Tick

    This week we're joined by Griffin Newman, who you can watch in Amazon's pilot for The Tick on August 19th! We try to use everything at our disposal—Australian movies, Star Trek-style diplomacy, and maybe Whoopi Goldberg—to get to our topic.

    Follow Griffin on Twitter @GriffLightning (and use the hashtag #GRIFFINYES)

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    Arsenal F.C.

    This week we're practically praying FOR a sports stub as our jumping-off point. Mat's going full (terrible) Brit to honour the lads of Arsenal, and Katelyn slips into it a bit as she recounts her Nando's experience. We also test Katelyn's memory vis-à-vis what topics we've covered over the last year.

    Special thanks to AJ Fillari for this episode's topic!

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    Hot Sauce

    Mat shares what he learned about New Mexico by watching the DNC. Katelyn prepares for a legendary trip in search of some Raucous Nandos. Both marvel at the wonders of CGI that make every ocean movie possible. Shout out to our bud Cody for this week's topic.

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    Stanley Green

    We take on another difficult topic suggested by Brian Click—this week it's Stanley Green, the Protein Man. SPOILER ALERT: We get pretty stuck and start talking about drug subscription boxes and the opposite of 69-ing instead of doing anything productive. Our bad.

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    Augmented Reality

    Katelyn and Mat discuss Pokémon GO, talk about teeth trauma, and determine who the Canadian Patrick Swayze is. All this and more while Mat keeps checking his phone to rack up more stupid Pokéballs.

    Brought to you by our corporate sponsors and the film SULLY.

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    Wojtek (bear)

    Mark Hintz joins Mat and Katelyn to discuss a Polish war hero who also happens to be a bear. This episode brought to you by pictures of LeBron James, Brian Blessed's voice talents, and our new sponsor Tasty Beer.

    "We all just start as a tube with a mouth at one end and a butt at the other." - Katelyn Best

    Get yourself a CYGTT t-shirt and support the show before 7/18/16 at

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    CYGTT turns one year old! We dedicate the episode to the origin of the show's name, get riled up about Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, and discuss how the Spice Girls used to be all about Frank Herbert.

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    John Williams

    On the second installment of Can You Get To That: Nights, Katelyn takes John Williams to task over a career built on theft. Mat gives the lowdown on the time Reggie Fils-Aimé challenged children to Mario Kart at a McDonalds. And sometimes... to play the game right... you have to click through to Family Guy.

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    United States v. Approximately 64,695 Pounds of Shark Fins,695_Pounds_of_Shark_Fins

    This one is weird. Katelyn is all cozied up in bed. Mat's sipping that golden nectar. Then all of a sudden, it's all Berlin Wall talk, timeline shifts, and what must (approximately) be the worst diss sign ever brought to a professional sports game.

    (We got this topic from @gunboat, so if things are TOO STRANGE, he shares at least some of the blame)

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    Katelyn and Mat are just two dorks trying to look cool while chatting about winter sports this week. Let us know what winter sports you think best analogize the evolution of rap music. (This week's topic brought to us by @helenzaltzman on Twitter!)

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    Cesar Chavez Day

    Before launching into the game, Katelyn and Mat get sidetracked by their pronunciation anxieties. But all words are just strings of beeps, so does it really matter? Just so long as others can understand what our word-beeps mean when we're using our future robot body neck parts, we'll probably be okay. (This week's topic comes to us from listener Nathan Quinn. Thanks Nathan!)

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    Pig Beach

    This week's topic comes to us from our friend Maarvi! Funny coincidence, that, as Katelyn and Mat take a moment to address their UK-dwelling audience. Also: Mat apologizes for butchering Hamilton. Katelyn apologizes for not remembering Bib Fortuna's name.

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    From people's real-life RPG stats, to the logistics of the galactic senate's architecture, to a discussion of "clutch power," this is definitely our most normal and relatable episode yet.

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    Katelyn and Mat ring in 2016 with an hour-long meditation on what it means to love. Is loving the 80's different from loving Flavor Flav?

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    What you'll find in this episode: Before getting to the actual topic, the hosts discuss a sad (not really) Friday night Mat had, the difficulties of playing Dead Rising, Katelyn's MRI experience, and the movies "Twins" and "Junior." Then lots of Canada-talk happens.

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    What you'll find in this episode: Katelyn tells an unforgettable story involving a potato. Both hosts make very trite observations. Podcast song humming law is invoked.

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