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Join hosts Katelyn and Mathew on a wild ride through Wiki-space! Each week they play the Wikipedia game with a new topic as their target, discussing what they find along the way.

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    The almost-missing episode. Audio problems plague this one, which is a real shame since it's such a banger. From Louis Sachar's child-friendly drug allegories to dissecting Genius annotations, it's important that we keep this on in the CYGTT canon. Get Twizted with us.

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    In honor of Star Trek's 50th anniversary, we abandon Wiki-space and chart the undiscovered country that is Memory Alpha. We boldly go with our guest, John Mills, in search of little furry creatures that may or may not be edible.

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    Cat Anatomy

    Johannes (@jmyrharkins) hooks us up with a topic. Then we talk about Tiny Zoos and Halo novelizations. Do we get to cat anatomy? Do we waste time discussing whether or not Mad Max is sci-fi? There's only one way to find out... (it's listening, listening is the way).

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    It's @JadeEggg with the suggestion this week that sends your hosts off in search of (1) tickets to the movie that will definitely justify Miles Teller's fame (2) a David Beckham to punch (3) and bootleg Adidas gear. Plus—still more evidence of a sad, desperate conspiracy amongst frisbee people to infect Wikipedia with their propaganda.

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    Dyatlov Pass Incident

    On what might as well be an episode of CYGTT: Nights (now 90% spookier), Mat and Katelyn take on Big Podcast and tackle this mysterious topic from Miles Fowler (@planeswalkerxvx). Katelyn shares her new idea on how to settle draws in soccer. Mat reminisces on his time in Model UN. Marc Maron shares his thoughts on dying under suspicious, perhaps yeti-related circumstances on a Russian mountain.

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    The Tick

    This week we're joined by Griffin Newman, who you can watch in Amazon's pilot for The Tick on August 19th! We try to use everything at our disposal—Australian movies, Star Trek-style diplomacy, and maybe Whoopi Goldberg—to get to our topic.

    Follow Griffin on Twitter @GriffLightning (and use the hashtag #GRIFFINYES)

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    Arsenal F.C.

    This week we're practically praying FOR a sports stub as our jumping-off point. Mat's going full (terrible) Brit to honour the lads of Arsenal, and Katelyn slips into it a bit as she recounts her Nando's experience. We also test Katelyn's memory vis-à-vis what topics we've covered over the last year.

    Special thanks to AJ Fillari for this episode's topic!

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