Can You Get To That?
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Join hosts Katelyn and Mathew on a wild ride through Wiki-space! Each week they play the Wikipedia game with a new topic as their target, discussing what they find along the way.

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    Cosmic Latte

    Sorry we took the week of Valentine's Day off, but trust us — you're gonna fall in love with this episode. From our super-secret special guest to a totally productive conversation about lightsabers and Steve Jobs, this one has got it all!

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    If you don't care about the game Half-Life and get weary of Mat's stories, you might not dig this episode. If you know what a resonance cascade is and want to hear about Gabe Newell's knives, you're in luck. If you like Basshunter, you've got a friend in Katelyn.

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    Emu War

    Is this the last episode of 2016 or the first of 2017... eh, who cares? Julie gave us this great topic, we're giving you our all (or at least Katelyn's highly-observant all), and we're genuinely so, so glad you've stuck with us. See you in the new year.

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    Death Stranding

    We're talking about our new favorite video game sweet boys and daddies this week. Come along and learn a little something about Hideo Kojima, the FIFA organization, and oh, yes, the mysterious "product" Katelyn's dad tried to buy from Malta.

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    Ayn Rand

    Special guest Adam Fisher (@gains_tweets on Twitter) joins us to talk about why teens fall under objectivism's spell, hot (and not) philosophers, and political origin stories. Plus: getting down with the sickness when the boys return to town.

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